Sneak Peak at Mt. Auburn plays this month

As part of Patrick’s residency at Mount Auburn Cemetery, he is creating two series of site-specific short plays to be produced by Plays in Place on the Cemetery grounds in 2019. To help develop the plays, and to offer audiences a sneak peak into the work-in-progress, there will be some public staged readings coming up in September. All the readings will be directed by Courtney O’Connor.

On Saturday, September 8, at 1pm, there will be readings from three plays in the America Plays series: A Man of Vision, Consecration, and Variations on an Unissued ApologyPurchase tickets here.  The cast will include Dale Place, Elle Borders, Matt C. Ryan, Karen MacDonald, and Margaret Ann Brady.

On Tuesday, September 25, at 5:30pmpm, there will be readings from three plays in the Nature Plays series: Cerulean Blue, Hot Love in the Moonlight, and one other play.  Purchase tickets here.

Patrick will also be leading a two-day workshop on site-specific playwriting, on September 15 and 22.  Patrick will talk about his own experiences creating site-specific work for Mount Auburn, for wild spaces in Colorado, as well as for the Old State House in Boston (Blood on the Snow) and lead a discussion on the craft and discipline of writing for specific spaces. Then the group will tour Mount Auburn to discover spots for which they will write their own short plays. On the second Saturday, a small ensemble of professional actors will read the participant’s new short plays in the spaces at Mount Auburn for which they have been created. Patrick will lead additional discussion around the new drafts and potential revisions, and lead reflections of the group on the joys and challenges of writing plays for specific places. Tickets and more info here.

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