A Light Under the Dome coming to the State House in August!

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On August 13-16, A Light Under the Dome by Patrick Gabridge, directed by Courtney O’Connor will premiere in the Senate Chamber of the Massachusetts State House, where Angelina Grimke gave her history-making speech about abolition and women’s rights more than 180 years ago. The play features a stellar cast of Thomika Bridwell, Amanda Collins, Marge Dunn, Bridgette Hayes, and Regine Vital.

After four years of research, writing, and development, Plays in Place is moving to the next step in this project we’ve been creating and developing with the National Park Service: Suffrage in Black & White looks at the intersection of race and the fight for woman suffrage and abolition in Boston. The Lyric Stage Company of Boston is an additional partner on this exciting project and is our non-profit fiscal sponsor.

Over the next two years, we’ll produce two additional plays:

– A New Era by Miranda ADEkoje, directed by Summer L. Williams at the King’s Chapel Parish House, about the 1895 first National Colored Women’s Convention (July 2025)

– Nothing But Victory! By Ginger Lazarus, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian at Faneuil Hall, about a critical shift in the Massachusetts suffrage movement in the wake of a terrible loss (2026).

This is a lot of plays, with a lot of pieces. In some amazing places, about important and amazing women.

The National Parks of Boston and other partners are providing most of the funding and resources we need, but we still need more support to make these plays possible.

That’s where you come in.

With your donation, you will help fund the rest of the critical expenses needed to get this series off the ground and moving forward. Our goal is to raise $30,000. The good news is that some generous early donors have already given $10,000. We need you to help raise the rest.

Please donate today and help bring these often untold stories to life, in ways and places that matter. We thank you for your support.

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We hope to see you in August for A Light Under the Dome!  (Tickets will be free, but will reserve quickly. We’ll give you a heads up as soon as reservations are available.)

The team from the 2023 workshop of A Light Under the Dome

The team from the 2023 workshop of A New Era

The team from the 2023 workshop of Nothing But Victory!

Nothing But Victory ! at Faneuil Hall, November 18, 7pm

Faneuil Hall, the site of Nothing but Victory

Now is the time to sign up for free tickets to a reading of Nothing But Victory! by Ginger Lazarus, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. This reading will take place on  Saturday November  18 at 7pm, at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall. Our fabulous cast includes Christine Hamel, Becca Lewis, Adrianne Krstansky, Kate Snodgrass, Patrice Jean-Baptiste, Eliza Fichter, Kelly Chick, and Jessica Golden.

In 1915, Massachusetts suffragists gather at Faneuil Hall to rally after the devastating defeat of a proposed state amendment to give women the vote. Some, like Alice Stone Blackwell, are determined to put a positive spin on the loss and go forward as they have been going. Others, like Maud Wood Park, sense changes in the air and the need for a new strategy. Who will prevail and what cost? Nothing But Victory! is staged in Faneuil Hall where the historic rally took place.

It’s an amazing experience to work at this site, especially with this amazing team. We’re even going to have a live brass band that night!  (Just like they did at the rally in 1915.)

This play is part of Suffrage in Black & White, a series of three plays exploring the intersection of the fight for woman suffrage and race and abolition in Boston. Created and developed for the National Parks of Boston by Plays in Place, with assistance from the Lyric Stage Company of Boston and Boston Playwrights Theatre.

Please RSVP to co-producer@playsinplace.com for a free ticket.

Great press for Revolution’s Edge

Nathan Johnson as Cato (foreground), Evan Turissini as John Pulling and Brooks Reeves as Mather Byles. Photo by Nile Scott Shots

Tickets on sale for Pulling at the Roots!

Three Events in August!

Revolution’s Edge tickets are on sale now!

Great news! Tickets for our newest play, Revolution’s Edge, are now on sale from Old North Illuminated/Old North Church. We open June 15, but it’s never too early to get your seats.

(We love the great preview video that Old North put together!)

The play takes place on April 18, 1775–the day before the Battle of Lexington & Concord–and centers on the the interaction between Loyalist Minister Mather Byles Jr., Cato who is enslaved by Byles, and ship’s captain John Pulling, who is a vestryman of the Anglican Christ Church as well as an ardent Patriot. Byles has just resigned his position, and Pulling is about to hang signal lanterns in the steeple that night to alert the rebels. On the brink of war, these three fathers search for information to help navigate the treacherous times unfolding around them.

The performance is approximately 45 minutes. Seating for the play starts at 5pm, and the show begins promptly at 5:20pm. Ticket holders are welcome to come before 5pm to enjoy a complimentary self-guided tour of Old North Church’s sanctuary.

$20 – Adults
$10 – Under 18 years old 
Recommended for ages 12 and up 

Revolution’s Edge coming to Old North Church in June

We have a big project coming to Boston very soon! Patrick has written a new play, Revolution’s Edge, commissioned by Old North Illuminated, to be staged at the historic Old North Church.

Plays in Place at NEMA, November 3-4

Jazzmin and Patrick will be manning a booth at the annual NEMA (New England Museum Association) conference in Springfield, November 3 and 4. If you’re attending, please be sure to stop by and say Hello.

Patrick has been to the NEMA conference multiple times as a speaker, but this is our first time getting a booth. We’re very much looking forward to sharing photos of our past production and talking to people about our projects, past and present.

(We will have chocolate. And copies of The Mount Auburn Plays book.)