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Cato & Dolly at the Old State House Museum

Partner:  The Bostonian Society

Site:  The Old State House Museum, Boston

Dates:  June 17, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Description:  After its successful initial run in Summer 2018, Cato & Dolly will return to the Old State House in Summer 2019! A new 24-minute play commissioned by The Bostonian Society from Plays in Place’s Producing Artistic Director Patrick Gabridge, Cato & Dolly examines unheard voices from Boston’s history, with a focus on two characters from the Hancock household, Cato Hancock an enslaved man and servant, and Dolly Hancock, John Hancock’s wife. Two actors play a variety of different roles, in a time frame extending over 50 years.

The script is based on research gathered by The Bostonian Society and the writer, and the production will take place on the Through the Keyhole exhibit that features an installation built by the North Bennett Street School for the original door from the Hancock Mansion.

The show will run 3 times per day as part of the regular museum admission. Courtney O’Connor directed a cast of professional actors assembled by Plays in Place, with all the design elements managed by Plays in Place.

The Mount Auburn Plays at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Partner:  Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Site:  Mount Auburn Cemetery

Dates: The Nature Plays, June 1-9, 2019 [GET TICKETS]; The American Plays, September 2019 (tickets on sale soon);

Description:  Plays in Place producing artistic director Patrick Gabridge is the artist-in-residence at Mount Auburn Cemetery for 2018 and 2019. He has written two series of one-act plays to be performed on site at the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery: The Nature Plays and The American Plays. Plays in Place developed the plays, with readings and playwriting workshop held in September/October 2018, and will produce full productions of The Nature Plays in June 2019 and The American Plays in September 2019, directed by Courtney O’Connor.

Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in 1831, as the first pastoral urban cemetery, and started a movement that swept across the United States. More than 100,000 people are buried on its bucolic grounds, which serve not only as a place of commemoration and solace, but are also a world-class arboretum and important habitat for migrating birds and other wildlife.