Partner: The National Park Service

Sites: Faneuil Hall, Massachusetts Senate Chamber, King’s Chapel Parish House

Dates: Research, writing and script development, 2021-2022

We are partnering with the National Park Service to write and produce three new site-specific plays about the intersection of the women’s suffrage movement and race and abolition. In the current phase of the project, we have commissioned three playwrights to research, write, and develop the plays. Expect to see public readings of the plays at their respective sites in late 2022.

The writers and subject/sites are:  Patrick Gabridge, writing about Angelina Grimke’s 1838 speech to the Massachusetts Legislature at the State House; Miranda ADEkoje writing about Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin and the First National Colored Woman’s Convention in 1895, at the King’s Chapel Parish House; Ginger Lazarus writing about the Faneuil Hall rally following the 1915 defeat of the referendum on Woman Suffrage in Massachusetts.  Our directors for this phase will be Courtney O’Connor, Megan Sandberg-Zakian, and Summer Williams.