Plays in Place works in partnership with museums, historic sites, and other cultural institutions to create exciting site-specific theatrical plays and presentations. Our experienced team of theatre-makers can help engage audiences with your site in vibrant new ways, and also provide opportunities for education, exhibit enhancement, and board and donor development.

Your institution has a dramatic story to tell. We will write and produce a play uniquely suited to your site, your audience, and your institutional goals. More than a costumed interpretation, we will create a new work of art for you and your visitors that will bring your site to life.

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Nothing But Victory!  by Ginger Lazarus will have a reading at Faneuil Hall on November 18 at 7pm. Email co-producer@playsinplace.com or fill out the request form below to reserve your free tickets.

This play is set in 1915 as Massachusetts suffragists gather at Faneuil Hall to rally after the devastating defeat of a proposed state amendment to give women the vote. Some, like Alice Stone Blackwell, are determined to put a positive spin on the loss and go forward as they have planned. Others, like Maud Wood Park, sense changes in the air and the need for a new strategy. Who will prevail?



Revolution’s Edge by Patrick Gabridge will be remounted at Old North Church in the Summer of 2024.

This play is set in Boston’s oldest surviving church on April 18, 1775, the day before the Battle of Lexington & Concord and mere hours before the famous “one if by land, two if by sea” lantern signals. The story centers on the interaction between three fathers, who share a faith but are politically divided, as Boston sits on the brink of war, searching for information and answers as to the best path forward for both their families and the colonies.

Pulling at the Roots: Three Plays About Northampton History by Patrick Gabridge, Talya Kingston, and Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed at Historic Northampton will be remounted in the Summer of 2024.

This is a series of three short site-specific plays that guide the audience on a journey through three centuries of Northampton history. Set and staged in the restored historic barn and the grounds of Historic Northampton, the dramas of Pulling at the Roots examine the meaning of home and women’s search for autonomy and breathe the life of humanity into stories often flattened by history.